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The world has always been pretty accepting of the LGBT community, so it shouldnt be a surprise that the movie industry is as well. That being said, despite this statement from the Advocate, the number of openly gay and bisexual members of the cast in the 2012 Academy Award winning film, The Best Man Bridegroom was very low, 10 out of 98 characters, which includes a lot of characters we only get a glimpse of, just like the main character, and the 2012 Spike TV TV show Glee was very homophobic, which wasnt even a show, it was a cartoon Im sure the fact that this is the world we live in doesnt make us all happy, and we all have our issues, but the fact that some of the most popular, biggest moviesTV shows, and the biggest celebrities, are still actively homophobic and the lack of many openly homosexual members of the entertainment industry doesnt exactly inspire a positive image of the LGBT community, so Im wondering if the LGBT community is dying as some of the comments seem to imply. The Gay AgendaI have to admit, Ive heard a few of these comments myself, so Im not sure why Im having a reaction to this. I mean maybe if the majority of the population was actively hostile to gays, the rest wouldnt really feel the need to speak out, for fear of their own safety and the whole gay community could start making more activist efforts without having to fear being attacked. As mentioned, this whole idea of the gay agenda came about in the 70s, as did pretty much all the hate speech laws in the 70s In the 70s there was no internet, no cable TV, nothing was watched on screening all the time so most things were told to ones parents or watched at home. The idea of hate speech, the idea of fighting back against gays with political correctness, wasnt as prevalent. Its not like were advocating some form of forced conversion to accept our lifestyle. Were not even advocating the idea that you shouldnt tolerate us. To the contrary, what were advocating is YOU being able to choose for yourself. The idea that you have to be in a situation where youve already made a choice that you disagree with for the rest of your life. Youve either supported a political party that has caused you to be oppressed or youve been a part of the military. The point Im trying to make is, its not our job to convert anyone because its not our goal to.

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