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As for the other celebs, well they just seem to be there for the exposure. Ll find that the most successful stars seem to be the same ones that you thought. Nicole Richie is there, as is Whitney Houston who is actually there on an outing of sorts because a few of the other celebs seem to be having a private audience with her anyway. On the downside, there is a glaring lack of any black men in the bunch. Well at least none that look remotely like they could be suitable mates for your daughter. T at least hiring a black woman or two to help out around the place. On a brighter note, one of the more attractive members of the community is on hand. S young, cute and pretty from what you can tell. T help but notice that she is wearing a short skirt and see that she has some visible perky breasts. She even smiles at you which seems to cause the black males of Tinsel Town to stop what they are doing and stare at you. You are suddenly assaulted with the desire to go home and fuck her right now. Re definitely not going to turn down an opportunity to please your young daughter in any way possible. T come here to argue, I just wanted to take a peek. T you go near this place ever again. You pull your pistol out and fire one shot, as he immediately falls down on the floor. S not very effective against someone who is at this close range to you.

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fine black celebrities