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Getty ImagesComments Add a commentWhen you were a boy and you had not yet developed the capacity for violence, what did you desire the most. A very good question, but when I was eight years old I wanted to go to my first comic convention. I dont know what sort of comic convention it was, but I was so excited to go, the excitement overwhelmed my childhood sense of fear of public speaking. My mothers birthday was soon approaching and her favorite tradition was a comic convention in the far reaches of the Ozarks region. I had arrived at a convention that I was going to absolutely love. It was a magical weekend of excitement and excitement I would remember forever and I would get my wish of going to a comic convention someday. When the flight landed in New York I got off the plane in awe. I had a ticket for a flight to a comic convention in the Ozarks, how had I not seen this before. She had to figure out a way to get me to New York that my dad wouldnt have to pay for, so this was my reward for being a good daughter. The comic convention was called Rough Beast and the place in which I would spend my weekend was a big warehouse filled with hundreds of comics and graphic novels. All of them new and never seen before in the same place. Or to be more specific, every one of them was from a different era of comic books that you had never seen before that week, When I got to the place the first thing I did was grab the most expensive comic book I could find. I had never seen this comic book before and couldnt afford it so it was all I had to start the weekend off. The comic book was a one of a kind, signed and numbered, that I had not seen before, it was a hard cover with absolutely no dust jacket. I took several pictures of the comic book and then gave it to my mom to put it in my backpack. I had no idea where I was going to stay that weekend. I knew I would meet other people with the same goal of going to a comic convention, but I didnt know how I was going to do it. I didnt know if I was going to do it all by myself or with others or how I was going to get there. But the first thing I did was to sit down and read a book called.

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celebrities born in november