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You start drawing cute charactersIm drawing me as a cute character. You draw yourself as a cute character with your hair hanging down, smiling and laughing. The camera zooms in on you, showing that youre drawing yourself a cartoon-style drawing on the side of a wall with your arms and legs extended out of the frame. The camera zooms in on you again, showing youve drawn your face in a cartoon-style. I know how to draw pretty girls and cute people. The camera zooms in on the screen, showing you as a cute girl drawing yourself in a cartoonish fashion. Its only a few more minutes into the trip before you notice that the light is starting to dim. You turn your head as you hear someone start talking loudly from the front of the van You dont moveYou dont move. When you turn your head again, you see a guy grabbing and hitting the back of the vans drivers side door with a large knife. You wanna stay here with me and live in your nightmare. The guy behind you shouts for someone to open the drivers door. You open the drivers side doorYou push open the drivers door and step out of the van, holding your arms out. Everyone looks at you with fear and shock written on their faces. What the fuck do you think Im doing.

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