Leah Messer Reveals If She Wants to Have Kids With Jaylan Mobley, Opens Up About Co-Parenting With Exes

For the first time in perhaps her entire adult life, everything seems to be going Leah Messer’s way.

After years of bad luck and bad relationships, Leah seems to have finally found the happiness she deserves with Jaylan Mobley,

Leah and Jaylan started dating back in the summer of 2021, and until recently, it looked as though their relationship was just about perfect,

Of course, even the healthiest and most stable couples have their ups and downs, so it should come as no surprise that Leah and Jaylan’s romance was eventually revealed to be something other than completely flawless.

Jaylan made his MTV debut during Leah’s time on Teen Mom: Family Reunion.

We’re sure that Leah was happy to introduce her new boo to the world, but the occasion wasn’t entirely happy.

Leah confessed that despite her love for Jaylan, she could imagine herself sabotaging the relationship our of insecurity.

The series ended on a hopeful note, with Leah and Jaylan agreeing that she should continue to pursue therapy in order to work on these issues.

Whatever she’s been doing, Ms. Messer appears to have given some serious thought to her past behavior, as she shared some insightful comments about her two divorces during a recent interview with Page Six.

“There wasn’t even chemistry in these relationships,” she told the outlet.

“I think I just moved so fast because I was looking for love. For me personally, it was like I wanted to be loved. It was just some sort of comfort for me,” Leah added.

“I didn’t realize until much later that I wasn’t myself [in these relationships].”

To the surprise of some fans, Leah then suggested that she stuck with her marriages not out of love, but out of a sense of obligation.

“I thought once you got married, you had to stay married, period,” she said.

“For me, divorce was liberating. I got to find who I truly was at the end of the day.”

As for the likelihood that she’ll one day marry Mobley, Leah says it’s certainly within the realm of possibility.

“We talk about what we want out of the future. Of course, Jaylan’s never been married,” Leah said.

“He wants that experience and I would never take that away from him. At the same time, for me, I don’t feel like marriage should change anything,” she continued.

“I want to keep what we have now …  I don’t want it to change our love for each other, but I don’t think it’s going to either. I’m open to it,” Messer added.

“I just want to love him and get to know him even more before we add anymore kids to the picture.”

As for her current kids, it seems they’re benefitting from the presence of all these stable, loving adults in their lives.

Both Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert made appearances at a recent horse racing competition in which two of the girls competed.

Leah posted pics from the event, and for obvious reasons, fans were quick to point out how much she resembles Leah.

“Before, it was hard. There were so many obstacles and challenges and the kids were young,” Leah told Page Six about her family’s painful past.

“I had struggled with addiction and different divorces. All of that’s aired on TV. It’s not that dramatic for me now.”

Leah’s current situation might make for slightly less compelling reality TV.

But something tells us that’s just fine by her.

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