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Photos of Famous People Who Were Died Some Time During The DayLast Photos. The Last Photos Of Famous People Died In The Early Night Usually.

Image copyright AP Image caption The family has moved to a different state for safety reasonsA young woman has been confirmed as one of the 16 people killed after a gunman opened fire on a house party in upstate New York. Loud music was heard before Michael Brandon Hill, 24, started firing at a party in the village of Gardiner, about 100km, 60 miles, east of Buffalo. His mother, Karen Hill, confirmed it was her 24-year-old son, whom she has not seen since 2010. I just want to get it done with, she said of the arrest of the suspect. My son doesnt do nothing like this. Hes a great kid, hes a wonderful boy, hes a wonderful young man. Hes going to be OK, Karen Hill said. Image copyright AP Image caption Hill was found at a nearby hospital where he was being treated for a gunshot wound to the headImage copyright AP Image caption Police officers remained at the house during the funeral for Hills mother at the Mount Hope Cemetery on MondayThe incident has also caused a funeral for Karen Hill for her son. She said she and her son would be buried together. The victim has not been identified but relatives and neighbours have identified her as Karen Jo Hill. Gardiner police said Hill was killed in the shooting. He remained at the scene, and died later on Monday. The mayor said Hill died alone and had no relationship with the alleged gunman, described as a suspect in two prior shootings. Were all in a state of shock, said Mayor Frank La Rosa. I want to thank all the people that came out today. Image caption Karen Hill and her son Michael had not seen each other since 2010 when the.

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