Larry King’s Widow Shawn Reveals the Sentimental Item of Clothing the Family Wore to His Funeral

Larry King‘s wife, Shawn King, is speaking out.

The 61-year-old widow of the late TV superstar spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the death of her husband, revealing that she and her family had a private funeral service and wore something special in his honor.

“We laid him to rest this morning. And in the Jewish faith, they do it very quickly, so you almost don’t have time to, for me, to process. I’m still processing. And as are the boys, the whole family is just, you know, yeah,” she explained.

“We all, it was just family, we wore Larry‘s suspenders, every one of us. And it was a beautiful, loving…just perfect, just perfect. It was family. There was no showbiz, no, none of that,” she continued.

“Death is maybe the great equalizer, I think. You know, when you experience it with people who we really, really love, all the other noise and the nonsense that could be surrounding, it just goes away and the family goes close together. And that’s what happened. You know, it was beautiful.”

Larry died at 87 on Saturday morning (January 23), leaving behind Shawn and their sons, 21-year-old Chance and 20-year-old Cannon. He is also survived by his eldest son, 59-year-old Larry King, Jr., from his marriage to Annette Kaye. Here’s what his sons said after his passing.

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