Lana Condor Reveals How She First Got Fiancé Anthony De La Torres Number

Lana Condor is dishing on her fiancé Anthony De La Torre!

The 24-year-old To All The Boys star was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night (March 28) to promote her upcoming movie Moonshot, and opened up about the proposal and how they first met, including the smooth way she got his phone number.

See what she did inside…

“Well, we met at any Emmy party, and I slid in, I got his digits, and I, as we were leaving I was like, ‘Oh hey, hey, hey. Um, I thought of this joke, but I forgot the punch line. Can I have your number, and then when I remember it later on, I’ll just text you,’” Lana told Jimmy. “And so that’s how I got [it]. Yes, I’m a smooth criminal.”

“Then I texted him like 30 minutes later, and I said, ‘Well, well okay. What do you call a pile of kittens? A meow-ntain… And that’s how you get a fiancé!” she added.

As for how Anthony proposed, it didn’t happen when they went to Mexico like it was originally supposed to, but to her surprise, it did happen on Christmas Eve.

“I wasn’t necessarily surprised… I was dropping hints left and right. I was like, ‘Baby, wow my nails look so good,’” she said.

“And we went to Mexico for the holidays and he, I guess, set up this whole grand thing and then that fell through,” Lana continued. “And so on Christmas Eve, he was setting up this dinner on the balcony, but I thought it was Christmas Eve dinner, because I thought Christmas Eve was reserved for baby Jesus. So then I was like, ‘Oh no, it’s probably not going to happen tonight,’ and then it sure did.”

In case you missed it, Lana and Anthony hit their first red carpet since getting engaged at the Moonshot premiere last week.

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