Lady GaGa Will Pay Dog Walker Ryan Fischer's Nearly $100K In Medical Bills!

It was just last week that we learned of the devastating news that Lady GaGa’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer, had been shot while trying to take her three French Bulldogs for an evening stroll. While the story looks like it has a happy ending — Koji and Gustavo were returned to GaGa on Friday by a mysterious good Samaritan and Ryan is in stable condition — the 30-year-old now faces nearly $100K in medical bills!

This time, it’s the singer’s turn to come to the rescue. A source told Mirror:

“GaGa feels horrendous about what happened to Ryan and wants to make sure he is looked after. She absolutely adores him and is forever indebted to him for his bravery.”

The A Star Is Born Oscar winner has apparently offered to pay for the artist’s medical bills (which currently total $97,500 for non-life threatening injuries), as well as a little extra considering he likely won’t be walking dogs anytime soon! The insider added:

“She also wanted to compensate him for lost work, and has been wishing him a speedy recovery.”

Incredible!! We’re not even gonna get into how much is wrong with our healthcare system for Ryan to wrack up such a hefty medical bill over necessary care, but one thing’s for sure: he’s certainly worthy of GaGa’s generous offer! Prior to the pups safe return, his family spoke on his behalf to TMZ, updating the world on the dedicated animal lover’s time in the hospital. They said:

“Ryan is receiving extraordinary care in the hospital right now and his doctors expect him to make a full recovery. We cannot possibly say enough to thank all of the first responders, nurses and doctors who have worked so tirelessly to care for Ryan.”

Clearly there is mutual admiration and respect between GaGa and the Fischers, too, as they also shared:

“Of course, we also want to thank Lady Gaga who has shown nothing but non-stop love and concern for Ryan and our family right from the outset.”

With all the stress of losing two of her beloved pets (and not even knowing if she’d see them again at that point), we love hearing the Born This Way vocalist was just as concerned about the victim of the violent robbery as she was about the missing canines. Ryan’s bravery should never be overlooked!

Also fighting for his recovery was the pop star’s father, Joe Germanotta, who said of the suspects, still at large, on Fox News Saturday:

“I want them apprehended so that they are tried for assault and/or attempted murder.”

He continued:

“Letting Koji and Gustav go unharmed was nice but they must be punished for what they did to Ryan.”

The case is still under investigation, with GaGa’s $500,000 up for grabs by the woman who safely returned Koji and Gustavo to the police after discovering them allegedly tied to a pole. Let’s continue to hope Ryan heals well and gets the justice he so rightly deserves.

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