Kylie Jenner travels short distances by private plane around LA County

If I was rich and I liked to travel, I probably would have a private jet. Sorry! But it does seem pretty convenient, especially if you’re a celebrity or a CEO with an entourage. Like, I don’t think private-jet travel makes any kind of sense if you’re traveling alone for any kind of short distance. That’s why there are cars. That’s why there’s public transportation. Even if your argument is solely based on convenience, why would you travel a relatively short distance on a private jet and not, say, a helicopter? These are the questions I’m asking Kylie Jenner, who owns her own private plane and uses it for short jaunts around Southern California.

Kylie Jenner has been slammed for being a ‘climate criminal’ after taking a 12-minute flight on a private jet. The Kardashians star, 24, was recently slammed by fans for ‘classless boasting’ as she took to Instagram to share his and hers private jets with boyfriend Travis Scott on Friday.

The billionaire beauty mogul has yet again been criticised for her use of private jets after Twitter account Celebrity Jets shared her flight paths, some of which were as short as 12 and 17 minutes.

Celebrity Jets also shared a flight map for a set of short-haul trips last Friday, with one allegedly showing her jet on a mere 12-minute flight from Van Nuys in Los Angeles to Camarillo in in Ventura County, California. The account reported that Kylie’s private jet made a journey from Camarillo, California, to Van Nuys last Wednesday, citing the approximate flight time as just 17 minutes. The Twitter page also reported that her jet took a 29-minute flight later the same day, travelling from Van Nuys to Palm Springs, California.

Celebrity Jets also shared a flight map for another set of flights last Friday, reportedly showing her jet travelling from Palm Springs to Van Nuys in a 35-minute flight. It also claimed that Kylie’s jet headed on the mere 12-minute flight from Van Nuys to Camarillo later that same day.

[From The Daily Mail]

I get that driving in and around Los Angeles is a pain in the ass, but this makes zero sense. Kylie is being chauffeured to a private airport, she boards her private plane and travels for 12 minutes to another private airport? While I’m sure the plane travel cuts down on travel time, it can’t be more than an hour or two? And what kind of f–king emergency does she have in Camarillo that she needed to be there right away? She’s not the president of the United States and her time isn’t *that* valuable. Again, though… why not a helicopter? It feels like traveling all of these short distances by helicopter would simply make more sense from an “elitist a–hole” perspective. Surely there are more available (or makeshift) helipads out there as opposed to private landing strips for Kylie’s plane. WTF? Kylie has always had more money than sense, but this is next-level.

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