KUWTK' Fans Want to See Khloé Kardashian 'Actually Be Single' For Once

Just a few days after a flurry of reports that Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are back together, another source came out claiming that they are not. Fans are just confused at this point. Khloé and Tristan are living together, supposedly so they can better co-parent baby True Thompson.

Khloé has admitted wanting more kids with Tristan, but she won’t admit to being back together with him. But every few months an anonymous source comes out and says that they’re an item. At this point, fans are convinced that they’re back together, no matter what the official sources say.

Fans think Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are hiding their relationship

Fans think that Khloé wants to get back together with Tristan, but doesn’t want to deal with the hate she’ll get. Fans have been putting her on blast for a long time over her relationship with Tristan. There would be a good reason for Khloé to hide her reconciliation if it has in fact happened. People still haven’t gotten over Khloé’s treatment of Jordyn Woods, or Tristan’s treatment of both Woods and Khloé. To say the KarJen fans hate him is an understatement. 

One fan on Reddit floated the idea that these constant rumors are actually from Khloé herself. “i feel like they put out one of these articles every few months to test the waters and see if their tristan redemption plan is working. they probably would have confirmed it if the fan response had been positive.” If Khloé is waiting for a positive response, she may have to keep waiting for a long time. Fans don’t seem like they’re going to change their opinion of Tristan any time soon. In fact, fans want Khloé to experience the single life for once. 

Fans want Khloé Kardashian to be single

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Khloé married Lamar Odom after just a month after they met. After their tumultuous divorce, Khloé started her Revenge Body show and lost a lot of weight. Despite the fact that she promoted loving one’s self and not needing a partner to be happy, she’s never seemed to follow her own advice. A fan on Reddit said “I want to see her actually be single. For real. Why does she need to bounce between men anyway?”

Fans want to see Khloé truly happy, and that means learning to love herself. Her self-confidence seems wrecked. Fans have noticed the constant changing of her appearance, and think that has something to do with her being uncomfortable in her own skin. Despite the fact that her relationship with Tristan is reprehensible, fans are still pulling for Khloé to be happy. That means she needs to learn to be single. 

Khloé Kardashian may not even know her relationship status, fans speculate

Most exes don’t live together. There’s a reason for that. Being in close proximity to an ex can lead to complex emotions, including the resurfacing of feelings of love and desire. Presumably, that’s true for everyone, including Khloé and Tristan. Some fans on Reddit speculate that Khloé herself might not even know the definition of their relationship. 

As one fan wrote, “I feel like they are living together, spending time with True, and sleeping together but haven’t ~~defined the relationship.” Living and co-parenting with an ex does sound like a recipe for a complicated relationship, which is not what Khloé needs. Another fan wrote “this story keeps spinning in so many directions I feel like Khloé herself barely knows what’s going on at this point.” Fans have made it clear Khloé needs to kick Tristan to the curb all the way, and learn to really be single and appreciate her own self-worth. She won’t be ready for a healthy relationship until she can love herself. 

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