Kristen Stewart Pulls a Relatable 2020 Style Move at Her Film Premiere

Kristen Stewart is celebrating the release of her newest movie, Happiest Season, with a fashion moment we can all relate to. The actress showed up to the premiere wearing a Chanel mini skirt and top with black stilettos and of course, a face mask.

kristen stewart

Seems pretty normal right?

Well, it is 2020 after all, and getting dressed up is a novelty these days. So in the spirit of comfort over everything, Stewart switched into a pair of ripped jeans and an army green bomber jacket after the red carpet. It's pretty much a move that I, too, pull every time I get dressed for more than an hour.

kristen stewart

This is not the first comfort move Stewart has pulled on a red carpet over the years. In 2018, she famously took off her stilettos while she was still getting her photo taken at Cannes. In a video interview with InStyle, she explained the moment.

"I've taken my shoes off at some point on most carpets," she explained. "For the Cannes red carpet, there's a very steep, long staircase I kind of just bounced up thinking it was quicker and faster. Then the next day it was like 'she's made this huge statement.'"

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