Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram Spreading A Face Mask Conspiracy Theory Has Fans Pissed

Fans are not happy with the Kardashians right now. From Kim Kardashian taking her "inner circle" on vacation to a private island and Kendall Jenner throwing a Halloween party with a bunch of celebrities amid the coronavirus pandemic, the family has been slammed numerous times these past few weeks for seemingly disregarding social distancing measures and orders to mask up. Now, Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram spreading a face mask conspiracy theory has fans upset with the star once again.

After years of being in the spotlight, you’d think Kourtney would have learned to fact-check everything that goes on her social media before she gives false information to her 100 million followers, but nope. On Nov. 1, Kardashian shared an Instagram suggesting standard, blue face masks cause cancer, a conspiracy that has been debunked numerous times by medical professionals.

In other words: Blue masks are perfectly safe to wear, and here’s why you should definitely be wearing them. "The mask acts as a barrier, capturing some of the expelled, virus-containing droplets, in effect reducing the amount of virus an infectious individual puts into the air," Dr. Jeffrey Shaman, a professor of Environmental Health Sciences at Columbia University, tells Elite Daily of the importance of wearing masks — cloth or standard — during the pandemic.

The screenshot Kourtney posted to her IG Story read:

Her post also caught the attention of surgical doctor Joshua Wolrich, who criticized the star for misleading her followers and seemingly pushing the anti-mask agenda. "As doctors we have been wearing fucking masks for decades, can you even hear how ridiculous you sound?! MASKS SAVE LIVES," Wolrich’s Instagram read.


Since what she posted is just a conspiracy theory floating around the internet, fans are furious at Kourtney for not doing a simple Google search and seeing whether the claim was actually real or not.

"Not Kourtney Kardashian posting on her story about how masks can give you cancer. encouraging 100m+ followers not to wear masks to protect them from COVID is a new low. The irony that she made staff wear masks at her privileged island party lol," someone wrote, referencing Kim’s contoversial island getaway with friends and family.

"The scariest thing to happen on Halloween this year is Kourtney Kardashian posting this utterly ridiculous post about blue masks with no medical evidence or proof, it’s just some random screenshot. Medical professionals worldwide wear them but this screenshot means it’s true," another person criticized.

See all the reactions to Kourtney’s post below.

Kourtney has yet to respond to the criticism from fans, who are finding it hard to support the family after all these controversies.

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