Kourtney Kardashian Shuts Down "Is That a Preg Belly?" Comment from Fan

Kourtney Kardashian just dropped a bunch of casual sunset hot tub pics, and it took approximately two seconds for someone to rudely ask if she’s pregnant. More specifically, one of Kourtney’s followers wrote “Not to be that girl but… is that a preg belly?”

Kourt clearly reads her comments, and understandably wasn’t thrilled about the speculation because she responded with “are we really gonna do this every time I post a photo?”


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This is far from the first time Kourtney’s had to shut down intrusive pregnancy questions on social media. Back in August she posted a photo of herself chilling in her closet in a half-down dress, some Skims, and a skull necklace, and someone felt the need to comment “SHE’S PREGNANT” in all-caps. Kourtney shot back, “I’m a woman with a BODY.”


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Kourtney actually has a history of shutting down trolls on social media, and last responded to people questioning her friendship with Addison Rae. Basically, she posted this pic, and someone mused “Shes 41 and she’s hanging around with 19 year olds in swimming pools.” Kourtney’s reply? “Do you suggest a better place? I’m looking for ideas…”


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Anywayyyy, Kourt and Travis also had a cute PDA moment while hanging in the hot tub this week, which she captioned “life with you.” Meanwhile he replied “I couldn’t love you more.”


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As a reminder, these two got engaged a few months ago and the post-proposal dinner was filmed for the Kardashians’ new reality show with Hulu, so here’s to hoping Kris Jenner works her magic and we get to see a whole wedding. Location TBD, but I’m gonna go ahead and assume it’ll take place in Calabasas’ local Hot Topic.

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