Kourtney Kardashian Is Being Dragged By Fans After Saying She'll 'Miss' KUWTK!

On Monday, Kourtney Kardashian published what she probably thought was going to be a fairly innocent post to her Instagram account.

In a new pic, she can be seen getting worked on by a stylist in preparation for a Keeping Up with the Kardashians photo shoot, writing in the caption how she was “gonna miss” those days. And that’s when fans POUNCED!

As you’ll recall, Kourt and the rest of the KarJenner clan collectively decided the upcoming 20th season of their reality TV show, which will air early in 2021, will be its last. While the news was first announced by Kim Kardashian West, and the family has more or less put up a united front on it being a collective decision to move on, fans have long noted how Kourt always seemed to be the one who wanted out.

Heck, as viewers will recall, over the last few seasons it was the oldest of the siblings who hinted multiple times about “how much longer” she could stand to film with Kim and Khloé Kardashian. The sisters’ on-air relationship devolved to the point of a brutal physical fight last season, too, which led momager Kris Jenner to cry real tears in response, and pushed Kourtney fully away from the series. Shortly after that fight, the Poosh founder announced she was walking away indefinitely.

The KarJenners eventually reunited on air for season 19 earlier this year, but it proved to be the beginning of the end — and after one more season, it’ll all be over for good. So it raised some eyebrows when Kourtney posted this aforementioned photo shoot snap to her IG account yesterday:


A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash)

Yeah… are you really gonna miss the photo shoots, girl?! You don’t have to lie to us like that!!

Fans were not feeling Kourt’s sudden sadness over the ending of the show, either.

As you can see (below), she got DRAGGED in the comments section by those pointing out her apparent hypocrisy here after being the first one to pull out when things got tough:

“c’mon man make up your mind”

“But you’re the one that called it quits… way before all the other sisters”

“Double standards much. Aren’t you the one who didn’t want to be on the show?”

“I thought you hated to be in KUWTK!”

“Are you though? lol”

“Oh now she’s gonna miss the show after she cancelled it”

“You legit wanted to quit though”

“Now she’s complaining about missing KUWTK shoots, when u wanted to stop filming. Gurl bye.”

“Really? Didn’t you quit because it was all too much for you?”

“Isn’t she the reason why the series is over”

“So don’t stop the show”

“But you didn’t want to be in the show any more sis”

Big yikes!!!

But, like, honestly, they’re not wrong at all! Not even a little bit! Sorry, Kourt, but you made your bed, and everyone else’s bed along with it, in your decision to pull out first — and now you have to lie in it. Sucks, but it is what it is!!!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)!

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