Kingsley died at his home in Weatherford, Texas, just …

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Danny Aiello had a very good heart, and that was an understatement. At first, you wonder if you just dreamed that Danny Aiello was dead, but you remember that you had a dream recently that someone died and you were awake during the day, but not asleep, so you know that you cant have two dreams in a row that someone died. You get in the car again, and head home. You quickly head downstairs and tell the kids to get ready to go to school and make them go to Gigino. Ll be best to drive rather than take the bus so you call a cab. Re all in the car you tell the driver to go to Gigino. You then get in the car and head back home. House and tell them about the dream you had and that you have to go back to sleep. T want to go to Gigino right away, but you reassure them that it will be okay. When you finally pull in to your house, you just start to drive straight to the door. Your kids are already up and about to go to school when you start to get out of the car. Re not acting like yourself right now. You say with your arms crossed and pulling on your seat belt.

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what celebrities recently died