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You wave goodbye to the gawkers and the guard and get in the passengers seat of the car. The driver waves to you to keep driving ahead. Back to the hotelWith the car running you can easily reach the hotel from the gas station. You follow the road a bit more and park the car near the gas station. You head to the gas station and find that there isnt much activity here. Re waiting for the attendant to fill up your soda can, you notice a pair of black cloaks entering the small convenience store. The black cloaks usually go to one of the better off areas of the city. You wait and watch the pair of cloaks as they exit the store and walk a few minutes away. Eventually the pair of black cloaks enter your line of sight and then they quickly turn around and head back towards the gas station. You wait for a few minutes and then you approach the pair of cloaks a little closer. M just wondering what type of person those cloaks belong to. Re still there, still wearing those cloaks. Before the dark haired one can finish her sentence the pair of cloaks suddenly move towards you just out of sight. Ve been a long time pal and we wanna keep this as friendly as possible. The other one at this point moves closer to you.

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