Kiely Rodni's Death Ruled Accidental Drowning, No Signs of Foul Play

The investigation into the death of 16-year-old Kiely Rodni has wrapped, with results concluding she accidentally drowned in her vehicle after it was driven into a lake.

The Nevada Co. Sheriff’s Office released Rodni’s autopsy report Thursday, which says, “descendent drown in a lake while inside her vehicle.” What’s more … the documents, obtained by TMZ, state there was no indication of foul play in Kiely’s death.

As for the toxicology results, Rodni had both THC and ethanol in her system — though the ethanol could have been a process of decomposition.

It was back in August when Kiely first went missing after attending a party up near Lake Tahoe, California. About two weeks later, Kiely’s vehicle was found by a team of YouTube divers submerged in 14 feet of water with her body inside.

The final investigation report states Kiely’s body was located in the rear passenger section of her Honda.

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