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You hear the door to your trailer open up. You look out the window and see a police car pull up in front of your trailer and a male officer exit it, walk over to you and then put a knee into your ribs. M just calling in a suspicious fire department vehicle out here. Oh stop being such a goddamned drama queen. T got time for your goddamn drama. M calling it in so go get your guys and get the fuck outta my trailer park. Re looking at goddamn serious potential homicide, arson, and drug related charges. We were told to be looking at the most serious charges that we can get. Get outta my trailer park now and find another place to live. Okay, you go find someone else to live with you and get the fuck outta here. Re all gonna lose our jobs. What the hell are you, some sort of fucking pussy. Well you can report the fucking fire and get some goddamn help, or at least a goddamn second alarm. T another goddamn chance to go home.

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