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John David, a actor, a writer, a director, a writer. This isnt a very big list, but as you look at it, you cant help but think that you would like it more. The people on it seem all very nice and professional, but you can see by their faces that youre going to have to be very patient. After all, you have to wait for a while before you even get to meet with them. Its not like theyre going to want you to rush into things like they are. You certainly arent going to want to rush into anything with John, as hes going to ask for a lot of money to do an audition for you. Which will almost certainly cost you more money. You take your timeTheres also going to be the matter of going through all the different auditions, and making sure youre the right one. You need to be satisfied with your choices if you want to do this right. Of course, you could just try to sell yourself to John first since he obviously likes you. You could then convince him to let you audition with him since he seems just as determined to find you a part and possibly start up a relationship with you. You talk to John firstMaybe its a case of you putting off the inevitable. You walk into the empty office of the casting director, knocking on the door. You wait about five seconds, then you go in. Youre a little surprised when John opens it, and doesnt look at you, looking straight ahead at the computer on the desk. He has the same expression right now on his face and you can tell hes disappointed. He walks over to you and sits behind you with his arm around your shoulders, smiling.

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