Kendall Jenner's Fall Wardrobe Includes a Cow-Print Bikini

No stranger to eschewing seasonal shifts and wearing whatever she damn well pleases, Kendall Jenner skipped out on cozy sweaters, oversized coats, and her older sister's new penchant for studded leather and slipped into a cow-print bikini to welcome the autumn chill. In a new photo dump on Instagram, Jenner shared seasonally appropriate shots, including what could be considered a pumpkin spice sportscar and a polka-dot oversized sweater.

The bikini in question stole the spotlight, however. Jenner wore the Miaou Kauai top and bottom in a brown-and-white cow print as she admired the horizon. In what might be a nod to her 818 tequila brand, she was surrounded by desert flora and soaking up the bright sunshine.

"I thrive at this time of year," she captioned the gallery.

Other shots included what looks like accouterment for a sound bath, Jenner showing off very impressive pumpkin carving skills (though her boyfriend Devin Booker called her out for using a stencil), and leather flares, and a seasonal entryway featuring decorative gourds and autumnal flowers.

Lately, Jenner has been leaning into country-inflected fashions, including cowboy boots. But since it's tough to swap out Calabasas for country staples, Jenner is still wearing plenty of her signature skin-baring looks and fashion-forward (and eyebrow-raising) ensembles.

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