Ken Wharfe: Prince Harry would be safer in the UK than The Netherlands

Prince Harry’s High Court Judicial Review keeps proceeding, although part of the case has now been closed to the public and media because it involves confidential information and high-level security information. I also believe that the case will (hopefully) end up exposing who in the royal family decided to yank security from Harry, Meghan and Archie in 2020. Ravec, the secretive committee which determines who receives royal protection, decided to base Harry’s security on rank rather than threat, a fact which must drive actual security experts crazy. Harry and Meghan are genuinely under threat and genuinely in need of high-level security. They’re paying for that security themselves in America, only their American security wouldn’t be allowed to carry guns in the UK, nor would their personal security be given threat briefings from MI5 and Scotland Yard if Harry ever returned.

Basically, Harry is seeking the High Court review because he wants to know who screwed him over and why he’s not allowed to reimburse the British police for his much-needed security within the UK. Also notable: the Daily Mail has continuously misrepresented Harry’s security fight, so much so that Harry is suing them too. Now that Mail has spoken to Ken Wharfe – who was Diana’s RPO in the 1990s – about Harry’s fight and wouldn’t you know, Wharfe completely misrepresents everything too.

Prince Harry would have been safer coming to Britain for his grandfather’s memorial service than going to Holland for the Invictus Games in a fortnight, the senior police officer who protected him and his mother told MailOnline today. The Duke of Sussex has made the decision to cross the Atlantic for The Hague shortly after refusing to be with his British family at Westminster Abbey ten days ago. After being delayed by the pandemic, the next staging of the Invictus Games, an international sports competition for injured or sick military personnel and veterans from across the globe, will take place from April 16 to 22.

Former Met Inspector Ken Wharfe, who was protection officer for Princess Diana, William and Harry, has said Invictus’ links to the military and former soldiers – common targets for terrorists including ISIS extremists – means the potential threat to them and Harry is arguably higher there than being in London for Prince Philip’s service of thanksgiving on March 29. Police and security services in the Netherlands have refused to say whether he will get royal protection in Holland, although it is likely because one of the event’s partners is the Dutch ministry of defence, which is also in charge of the country’s security and terrorism.

Ken Wharfe told MailOnline: ‘I’m baffled about why Harry thinks he would be safer in the Netherlands than in the UK. He would have travelled to his grandfather’s memorial service with his brother or father and received protection from the Met. It’s not like he would have been turning up at Westminster Abbey on a bike. The Dutch police will be doing their own security assessments and liaising with Harry’s private security. But my view it is more of a risk to go to Holland to support a charity with a military link than coming to London last week’.

MailOnline has asked Prince Harry’s spokesman about his security arrangements for Invictus. The Dutch and MoD and royal protection departments declined to comment. A spokesman said: ‘We take measures based on the security threat level’.

Mr Wharfe said that ‘nobody is stopping Harry bringing his own security to the UK’, although they would not be able to carry guns. He also said he believed the Met and the Government would ‘meet him halfway’ and provide a liaison officer to talk through any risks, but said the British authorities were ‘quite right’ to take a stand against him. ‘Harry wants everything to be the way it was before he left for America’, he said. The experienced royal protection officer added: ‘When with the Royal Family he would be protected by armed officers’ but not if he wanted to go out with his mates to the pub in the evening.’

[From The Daily Mail]

This says it all: “We take measures based on the security threat level.” As in, the Netherlands does not care about Harry’s royal status or his position in the line of succession or whether his brother is a racist jagoff. Harry’s security in the Netherlands will be based on the threat level and nothing more. I can’t believe they’re paying Ken Wharfe for this bullsh-t. “He also said he believed the Met and the Government would ‘meet him halfway’ and provide a liaison officer to talk through any risks…” The Met will not. That’s why Harry is seeking a High Court review. “He would have traveled to his grandfather’s memorial service with his brother or father and received protection from the Met.” Ah yes, they would have demanded that Harry travel 12 hours to the UK to attend a 40-minute memorial service only to have him tied to his brother simply to ensure his safety. Yes, that sounds completely “secure” and not at all manipulative and controlling.

Photos courtesy of the Invictus Games.

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