Kelly Ripa shares her 4 biggest wellness regrets, from not hydrating enough to not properly removing her makeup when she was younger

  • Kelly Ripa, who's promoting her partnership with Persona Nutrition, spoke to Insider about how her wellness journey has changed over the years, and what she wishes she did differently when she was younger.
  • The talk-show host said that she wishes she was "more diligent about hydrating," wore sunscreen, took supplements, and removed her makeup after returning home from clubs.
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Kelly Ripa spoke to Insider about her biggest health and wellness mistakes and things she wishes she did differently.

"I wish that I had been more diligent about hydrating," Ripa, who's promoting her partnership with Persona Nutrition, told us.

The talk-show host, who will be celebrating her 50th birthday on Friday, continued: "I wish I had worn sunscreen at all times. I wish that I had taken my makeup off better and more often when I was young. When I was in my 20s, I would come home from the club and just fall asleep and worry about taking off the makeup in the morning."

"You live and learn," Ripa told us. 

Kelly Ripa spoke about the importance of hydration, supplements, and more.
Courtesy of Persona Nutrition

Ripa, who shares three children with husband Mark Consuelos, added that she also wishes that she incorporated vitamins and supplements into her daily routine.

"I wish I had known about, or I wish that there was, a Persona Nutrition when I was younger, because it's so easy and simple and so customized to exactly what I need, what you need, or what anybody needs."

Speaking about the changes in her health journey, Ripa said that when she was in her 30s and 40s, she enjoyed working out and having time set aside for herself.

Despite eating healthy and exercising regularly, the "Live With Kelly and Ryan" talk show host said that "the one aspect of my life that was missing was the nutritional supplement," which is how Persona Nutrition became a staple in her wellness regimen.  

"That's the thing that I find as I get older, it's more what I put in my body internally and less about what I do to the outside of it that really carries the weight, that makes all the difference.

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