Keith Powers is an up-and-coming leading man …

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You know its probably going to be Keith because of the fact that he was on a tv show that your mom watches and you thought he was cute and youre pretty sure you fell in love with him. He still looks cute and you like him. You head into the basement to go talk to Keith. I just want to apologize for scaring you this morning. I guess I was stupid for not getting that the minute we started dating. Re young, fit and so much prettier than me. T think of anything I could do to compete with that. Ve just been trying to focus on myself. T so ugly, I might give you a chance. T trying to offend you, I was just having a bad day and I get it sometimes. M not really sure what else there is to do anywhere except hang out in your basement. T feel like fucking you as much as I thought I would.

This article about Hot celebrities male under 25

hot celebrities male under 25