Katy Perry Wishes to Have More Kids In the Future

The fiancée of Orlando Bloom recently revealed her plans to have more kids in the future, saying, ‘I’m a planner. So we’ll see … Hopefully in the future.’

AceShowbizKaty Perry is hoping to have more children. The “Chained to the Rhythm” singer already has daughter Daisy, 23 months, with fiance Orlando Bloom, who is dad to 11-year-old Flynn from his marriage to Miranda Kerr, and she confirmed a sibling for the youngster is “hopefully” on the cards in the future.

Asked if she wants more children, she told People magazine, “I’m a planner. So we’ll see … Hopefully in the future.” The 37-year-old beauty’s daughter was born at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic but Katy wouldn’t change the unique experience for anything.

“It was just such an interesting thing having a child during COVID because everything paused besides that,” she said. “I love the experience I’m having with my daughter now.” The “American Idol” judge praised Orlando as a very hands on dad and they have worked out a schedule that enables them to take turns to work.

“I have great support. I have a great sister. I have a wonderful nanny. And Orlando really taps in,” she shared. “We do this funny thing where I go and visit him for a month while he’s making a movie and then when he’s not making a movie, he kind of takes charge on being number one parent.”

“Then I go and do all my business stuff, so we really are just tapping each other in and out,” she said. The “Hot n Cold” hitmaker, who is currently starring in her own Las Vegas residency, recently explained she can’t wait to take her daughter on tour with her.

She said, “I love traveling and now I get to take my daughter and I want to have that experience once again through her eyes. I love being a mom. It’s the best decision I ever made for my life.”

At the time, Katy added that being a parent had allowed her to have “grown up so much” and that she had been “reborn” as a result of motherhood. She added, “I have grown up so much. [It’s] just the opportunity to see the world again through just like the most beautiful eyes – and the joy. For a new breath of life to be breathed into everything. It’s like you get to be reborn as well.”

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