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After an arduous journey of several days across the desert, you and your two companions are finally standing before the large, ornate stone doors of an older yet still well kept house. There is no doorbell, so you each knock on the front door as loud as you can. Once you hear the knock, you each slowly move over to the door, and slowly, carefully you open it. Outside, you see a large, clean, and well kept house, but inside, that is where you will be staying. You are not the first person to enter this house, but hopefully you wont be the last. You feel awkward walking through the front door first, because of what happened with the old man, but you figure the people inside will remember your face and be kind. This, in turn, will help you get used to social interaction. Once inside the house, you notice the decor is simple and clean. There is a couch in the living room with a small table against the far wall. Across from the couch is a low table with a few lamps on it. The floor around the room is a carpet, which you imagine must be from the same carpet in the rest of the home. Each holds a small, round glass bubbler of some sort. You should just relax and let me do that. I was just about to ask you how you know my name, and I already did that in my letter. Just, well you were nice to me last time and that was nice of you, but I dunno what else to say. Re just strangers, I think you have a decent chance at making this acquaintance.

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