Kate has white blonde pieces woven throughout her hair, …

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You never knew you had a gorgeous, glamorous, cool, funny friend. The world the world the world the world the world the world the world the world the worldGiggling to yourself, you lean back on the sofa and start to think about where you are now. You are on a luxury resort that is currently being robbed, and its just you, Kate and a few other people in the room. While you have no doubts that Kate would be the one to start the party, and since she seems to be the one to initiate the robberies, you would be the one that would get the money. You leave the roomYou have no idea who they would be, the hotel staff seems to know nothing about this group, and you dont like their chances anyway. After you grab your bag, you decide to leave the room. You start to walk to Kates room which is close to yours since its on the same floor. You start to walk away from the room when you hear something coming from behind you. The thief is wearing a black suit with a matching tie and a white shirt and tie. He seems to be around your age and has thin hair that you can actually see. If the man was going to rob you, he would have worn a tie and a suit, but he still looks very casual and doesnt. As you are about to turn around, you hear a loud, horrible scream and the sounds of breaking furniture. You turn aroundYou turn around immediately, only to see Kate grabbing you by the arm and running out of the room with you. You run after Kate, not realizing you have been followed all this time. You make a beeline towards the elevator which is the only thing stopping you from going up. Even though its only going up, you still feel the urge to run up to the roof because you cant run up there and it isnt looking good. You get to the elevator and open it to find that it is locked. Still determined to not open it, you quickly look at the button on the wall and push it which does nothing. Your look at Kate frantically looking for you. You are scared she is going to get hurt in the process, but she runs out of the elevator and begins to call out to you. You keep looking at the button in front of you hoping it would do something. Suddenly, the elevator door opens up and Kate enters.

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