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The red string bracelet on the left hand of the Crownsman has an extra kah in it. The Crownsman has to wear a red string bracelet with extra kahs in it every morning to the Kabbalah Centre. The Crownsman then has to go on the red string kabbalah cruises. The Crownsman then has to go dancing every night to the Kabbalah Centre. After that you go into a complete state of paranoia. You have no idea where you are and you hear a lot of noise and yelling inside the Kabbalah Centre. You start running because you dont know what the hell is going on. You are running when you suddenly get hit by a beam. You fall down and break your back. You feel like your life is over and your mind is gone. All you can hear is the thoom thoom thoom of the Kabbalah Centre and then it stops. You are in a dreamlike state of consciousness, but when you wake up you realize that you are in the room where you first met the Borg. You dont understand what is going on at first, you wonder if it was some sort of drug. The Kabbalah Centre has been replaced by the New Age Centre. You were in the New Age Centre last night. The Borg had given you some sort of code word.

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