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She is the Queen of The City, Kenya She is the King of The Countrys, She is the Muse of The City, The Nation, the World, the Universe, and THE FUCKIN SOUL. Youre in your mothers den, and that old lady is lying on a big couch, which is covered with magazines, all about the city and politics with a big picture of some black guy, looks like you, but you dont look more than 5, on the wall. I think he is in the other room, The old lady says. Im guessing you take care of the kids. No, I am not the father of the kids, The old woman says. Oh sorry, I gotta go, I gotta go, ok. You walk up to her, and ask her again. She tells you she has been in the city for 10 years, and she has been on the same street, the same street, the same street, the same street for the past 20 years. She also tells you she knows everything, even about the dark people that stalk the streets. She tells you she has also made some connections with the people who run the drug dealing in the area. She wants you to come with her, to the gig that she has in the city. You have no idea what this means, but she says she will explain everything better if you follow her. You followYou go to the old ladys house, which is probably a block or two away from the next stop. You walk up the stairs as you walk.

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