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In emails obtained by the Miami New Times, UF President Kent Fuchs said the university is working to make a better reporting and response process. Fuchs apologized to the school community and said he was heartbroken and embarrassed by the conduct that involved some students and staff. Florida State University has faced similar allegations since its investigation into what it called a pandering culture there found that some students and staff had engaged in inappropriate behavior with students attending a fraternity party. In one email, someone named Fernando said they had been a member of the fraternity all my life that invited them to the party. I am ashamed to say the next day when we were in the car I was feeling a bit drunk and we started doing things that were not exactly what I want to admit to, Fernando wrote. Fernando also called some of the activity sexual in nature, although it wasnt enough to lead to criminal charges. In another email, a person named Cedric said some of the incidents did end up leading to criminal charges, but the university felt most were simply examples of sexual misconduct. So its not sexual assault per se but the university feels it falls under the sexual misconduct umbrella, Cedric wrote. We cant press charges, but its more of a social, non-criminal event than an official crime. I am deeply sorry that this situation arose at Florida State University and I am sorry that it reflects poorly on our university, Fuchs wrote in his email. I want you to know that I also want you to know that my deepest concern is for your education. So I do not want to comment any further. Miami New Times In a world where you can easily get HIV by sharing a dirty needle, one company is hoping to change that by helping people get the infection and the cure with an alternative blood donation. DONOR is a new blood collection service based in Australia thats offering HIV-negative people a way to help fight the virus without even giving up a pint of blood. To ensure that no potential donor is at risk for HIV.

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celebrities from houston texas