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Whats the point of celebrity, supporting a man who isnt even a popular personality, and who will never be able to achieve his true purpose. What is the point of leaving your high-paid job to support a man who only cares about money and not about you. Well as far as Im concerned there cant be any questioning of your beliefs, you believe in Donald Trump. Donald Trump is going to fix the problem of America. You will get your jobs back; you will live in your own home, pay for your own healthcare. You will not have to beg on the streets for water or food. You will take pride in your country once again. The electoral college is the worst thing that has happened to the United States of America. It isnu2019t as though Trump won by some huge landslide. No, he won by almost 3 million votes, or roughly 2. The problem with the electoral college is that they give more weight to states with a larger population. Yes, this was mainly due to more people living in California and New York, but she still won because the electoral college gave more weight to those states. If it was based on the total population of each state, Trump would almost certainly have won. As a result of the electoral college, the popular vote does not get tallied and doesnt count. Yes, Hillary did win the popular vote, but not by enough to be able to count on that number to be tallied for the national vote. You know it didnt matter, because the electoral college wouldnt let her in. But the problem is, itu2019s a problem that can only be fixed by a president of your choosing. Donald Trump is uniquely qualified to fix this problem, for he knows the system better than anyone else. A vote to keep Trump out isnt a vote.

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celebrities endorsing donald trump