Joshua Jackson & Jodie Turner-Smith are the faces of J.Crews holiday campaign

I used to work for J.Crew, back before all of the business chaos in the company. I still have a few J.Crew sweaters honestly. For years, it felt like J.Crew really could not get their branding right, and they didn’t know what kind of clothing company they wanted to be. But it looks like they hired some really good people to manage this year’s Christmas campaign, and those people were like “hey, we should hire a real-life couple to model his-and-hers J.Crew clothing.” And that real-life couple is… Joshua Jackson and Jodie Turner-Smith. J.Crew gave them cashmere and a good photographer and the ads are amazing!! Joshua posted this on his IG:

The last time I got together with @jcrew was for their 1998 catalog with my Dawson’s Creek cast! Now I’m back with my beautiful wife @jodiesmith getting creative in their holiday campaign. I still love a J.Crew sweater, and who doesn’t love seeing themselves on a cookie?

[From Joshua’s IG]

Damn it, this makes me want to get some wool-cotton socks and my navy fisherman cable-knit sweater which is scratchy but comfortable if you put a t-shirt underneath. Obviously, Joshua and Jodie are extremely hot and very good at catalog-modeling. I also really hope they’re getting PAID! They are really selling the sh-t out of J.Crew and they’re making me want to sign up for holiday hours.

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Ads courtesy of J.Crew.

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