Jonathan Dimbleby: Prince Harry is not the brightest & led by the nose by Meghan

Last summer, Jonathan Dimbleby made some comments about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Cultural Reset Oprah Interview. Who is Jonathan Dimbleby, one might ask. Jonathan Dimbleby was one a somewhat respected royal journalist/biographer best known for interviewing Prince Charles in 1994. The Dimbleby Interview, as it was known, was infamous for several reasons: Charles dithering when asked about being king; Charles admitting that he had been having an affair with Camilla for years; Charles wallowing in self-pity and blaming his parents for the man he is. The Queen and Prince Philip were so mad at Charles for that whole debacle. Oh, and there was an authorized biography too. Written by Dimbleby. Anyway, last year, Dimbleby said the Oprah interview was “a very great shame” which “did great damage” to the Windsors and that Prince Harry “was being led by the nose a bit by his wife.” Well, would it shock you that Dimbleby still has some thoughts about Harry & Meghan?

Veteran broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby has branded Prince Harry as ‘not the brightest’ and claimed he is ‘led by the nose’ by wife Meghan. In a brutal assessment, he dismissed their bombshell interview with US TV’s Oprah Winfrey last year as ‘the most ghastly error of judgment’.

The 77-year-old long-time presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions? said of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex: ‘I suspect that Harry is led by the nose by Meghan Markle. He’s entering a sort of vortex in which they will become less and less significant as a couple. As she gets older, as he gets older, they will matter less because the celebrity on which they trade will become less valuable. And it’s a very great shame because when I met him he was absolutely charming – a lovely, lovely young guy. Not the brightest in the world but filled with generosity of spirit.’

In an interview with The Times, Dimbleby referred to the claims by Harry, 37, on US TV that he flew to the UK this month to make sure the Queen was ‘protected and has got the right people around her’. The presenter said sarcastically: ‘So you’ve swanned in to check that the people who are very close to her are the right people? Thank you very much. I mean, your wisdom, Harry, is well worth it, I have no doubt. And now you’re zooming out again.’

Dimbleby also said the Sussexes’ claims in their Oprah interview that a member of the Royal Family had ‘concerns’ about the colour of their baby’s skin were deeply unfair. He demanded: ‘Who the hell was it supposed to be? That is the wickedness of it – it allows you to speculate… And why do you make such a smear? I thought that interview was, to put it kindly, the most ghastly error of judgment on their part.’

He believed Charles, whose charity work helps young people from ethnic minorities, would feel ‘saddened’ and ‘angry’ by any suggestion he was racist.

[From The Daily Mail]

LOL. Just… lmao. I know he’s appalling, but we’ve really got nasty old coots out here, just saying words and being bitter whenever anyone asks for their opinion. A world full of Trumps, really. It should be said that Tina Brown also emphasizes over and over that Harry is “not bright” and “emotional” in The Palace Papers. They said that about Diana too, that she was dumb and hysterical and too emotional. They’re running the exact same playbook on her son and that part of it is really chilling.

“He’s entering a sort of vortex in which they will become less and less significant as a couple…” Sure, good luck with that! That’s all these people have left now, because they’ve been proved wrong so many times. How many different arguments have they made in the past two and a half years? The Sussexes won’t be able to make money! They’ll spend too much money! Why are they making so much money? Doesn’t Harry know that he’s nothing without the royal family? Why won’t he dump his wife in America and come back to the family who thinks he’s dumb? It doesn’t matter anyway, because Harry and Meghan will be insignificant soon!

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