JoJo Siwa Reveals Why She Toned Down Her House From The Colorful & Sparkly Decor Fans Are Used To

JoJo Siwa is opening up about her house.

The 19-year-old’s house boasted a very bright, colorful and sparkly decor style, fitting of her brand.

As JoJo has been getting older, she has been making quite a few changes, including less sparkly outfits, ditching the bows and even chopping her hair off. In addition, she’s also been toning down her house.

Find out why inside…

“We did take it down a couple notches, and that’s because I used to be a very, very dedicated and committed YouTuber,” JoJo told People. “I would always film in the house, and I wanted to be Jake Paul back in the day… Then my career shifted into more music, more TV, more movies, more that type of stuff.”

“When I stopped filming in the house every day, it was really weird for me to come into the house, and it felt like work. So I told my family, ‘Let’s change the house to a nice, pretty, calm, serene house,’” she added. Check out her 2020 house tour below to see what the house used to look like!

JoJo also opened up about other changes she’s made as she moves into adulthood.

“I’m very dedicated right now to my physical health and my fitness,” she dished. “I’m really, really big on working out right now, eating healthy right now, drinking water right now. We’re trying to get enough sleep right now — that one never happens though.”

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