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Of the people in the news, who are you most interested in seeing at the next concert. The person who came up with this idea seems to be a pretty nice person, so youd probably enjoy meeting him. The sun is still just peeking over the horizon as you drive down the road towards the town. T much traffic yet, but when you manage to get stopped near a large park with plenty of benches and space, the car soon fills with people milling around it. The most interesting-looking person you see is a young man wearing jeans and a grey hoodie, with long black hair and a fairly serious look on his face. S the only person here of any importance. M supposed to be giving a speech about the importance of taking responsibility for your own destiny. S nice to be out in the fresh air and see people out and about. I just came here to do a little shopping. But why did you come all the way out here. Ve just taken shuttle transit to get here. T too far, so I thought it would be nice to stop here. Besides, it was the middle of the day when I got here and it might not be until after midnight before I could get to the actual event. Ve been kind of thinking about all this the past few days and thinking it would be nice to see if I could do anything before it happens. Hmm, well alright then I guess I can see you. M sure the park has a large number of benches and space for everyone to set up and wait their turn. Might be a little sparse today, but I can sort it. Ll just be along the way and see if I can find a spot for you. Nolan takes a seat in a nearby park bench and waits for you to arrive. You do so and soon find yourself sitting across from the young man. S still quite attentive and is also staring hard.

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