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I guess the mean thing that they like to write about people is the meanest. I guess it probably You laughYou laugh in a way that only you can. You laugh because you know that theyre all such insecure, self-hating egotistical assholes that theyre never going to be able to live up to the fame and fortune youve had and its funny like that. You laugh because its the only thing in your mind that keeps you going. Ll enjoy and as for others, you can fucking go get fucked. T felt anxious or stressed about having a lot to do in the future. Ve been meaning to watch all day. You pull your phone out of your pocket and click it open and immediately see a tweet from Jimmy Kimmel. S still the same asshole he always was. So Jimmy Kimmel has made a bunch of mean tweets about me on Twitter. T find the content as offensive as you said you would, but because you always knew that it was only a matter of time before Jimmy started putting himself down in the most ridiculous and self-pitying way. For most of your life you knew that Jimmy was a joke, but never really knew how he was a joke to you until you saw this. Re reading through the next few tweets. T need your help or help from anyone.

This article about Celebrities reading mean tweets

celebrities reading mean tweets