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It almost feels like the celebrities are actually on our side. You wonder if anyone at your house is watching the news and are just too exhausted to pay attention to the real story to comment on it. As you sit and drink some of that nice whiskey youve been saving up, you notice that your housemate is no longer around. You do something you normally dont get around to doingIt can wait, you dont have time for this. You head to the basement and take a long swig and let all thoughts of the celebrities subside. Its finally happened, your house has been flooded. You have a few things that you like to save, but you also have a small boat you can float around with. You start packingYou walk out of the basement and into your big living room. You havent really been in the living room much lately, but after yesterday, you are starting to enjoy the view. One of your biggest worries is that you arent going to find anything that can be of any use, but surprisingly you do find quite a few items you dont think you are going to find. You look through stacks of books and you even find something you have been looking for for a very long time, an old radio that someone gave you as a present when you moved in. The rest of your house is flooded and the inside of the house is flooded too, you have to wait until the river recedes before you can get in the trucks to go back and get your stuff. But eventually the flood waters subside and you begin to pick out your stuff. Your truck isnt damaged so you decide to take it as a mobile office, for now. You think you might have found some things in your garage that you cant use and decide to call it a day. You dont really know what you are going to do now. Are you going to try to rebuild, is this just the beginning of the destruction, or are you just going to have to come to grips with what your life has become. You call it a nightYou go into your room and you lock the door and you fall into a deep sleep, and dont get up to go to work again for quite some time. Some days later, you get a phone call from one of your employees who has also gotten a phone call from their family, and that is what really woke you up. They are gone, mother, father, daughter and grandson are all gone. You begin to cry and you just dont know how to cope with the reality of it all. You begin the search for your familyYou dont sleep all that well that night, you are still shaken up and you spend another night.

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celebrities against vaccines