Jessica Alba Declares She Is Taking Week-Long Break From Her Family: I’ve Had Enough

During an appearance on ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’, the ‘Fantastic Four’ actress admits that her three children and her husband have been getting on her nerves while in coronavirus isolation.

AceShowbizJessica Alba is treating herself to a week-long vacation with her gal pal after confessing she’s “had enough” of tending to her family’s every need while in coronavirus isolation.

The “Fantastic Four” star has been in desperate need of a child-free getaway because her three kids are driving her crazy with their constant requests – and her husband, Cash Warren, has been getting on her nerves a little, too.

“Real talk: I told everyone in the family that I need a break from them,” Alba revealed on America’s “The Drew Barrymore Show“, as she discussed how she’s been coping being cooped up at home, trying to juggle her personal and professional responsibilities.

“Kelly (Sawyer, close friend) and I are actually gonna go away for a week, and I don’t really know what we are getting ourselves into, I just know I can’t be around my family anymore, ’cause I literally, I’ve had it, I’ve had enough!”

Alba reveals her daughters Honor, 12, and Haven, nine, are always requiring her help or advice, instead of occasionally turning to their dad, who retreats to his man cave whenever she could really do with a break to calm herself down.

“Every time they ask like, ‘Mum, can I download this app? Mum, can I get on Facetime? Mum, I’m hungry,’ and, ‘Is this outfit OK? Can you help me?’, I’m like, ‘You’re on a Zoom call!’ Like, don’t talk to me! Talk to your Dad!’.”

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“And then I start nagging…, and I’m that person, and they’re like, ‘Mum, your tone! You’re so mean!’ And Cash is like, ‘I guess I’m just gonna go back into my man room!’ I’m like, ‘What else is new? Just disappearing for me to deal with everything!’ “

“So yes, it’s been fun! Really fun!” she added sarcastically.

Alba has also been dealing with a “fight every night” with Honor over her bedtime as the busy actress and entrepreneur is often running late to get food on the table.

“(Haven) goes, ‘Well, you make dinner so late, every time you make dinner’,” Alba shared. “I’m just like, ‘Here’s the thing: I’m gonna make dinner late, you’re gonna eat late, and then you’re gonna get your butt to bed right after that, and that’s just the way it’s gonna be… I don’t know what to say; I’m not perfect. You’re gonna eat dinner late!’ “

In addition to her two girls, Alba, who runs The Honest Company baby and household goods brand, is also mum to two-year-old son Hayes.

Her comments about her family trials and tribulations come days after the star recalled their trying double summer roadtrip adventures, which were dogged by disaster.

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