Jeremy Clarkson addresses ‘two week’ hospitalisation amid skin condition: ‘Badly infected’

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Jeremy Clarkson, 60, has said he once had such an extreme flare-up of eczema, that it resulted in him being “hospitalised for two weeks”. The Top Gear presenter recalled being “completely mummified” by doctors in a bid to treat the uncomfortable condition.

Jeremy shared his experience following reports that the current rise in cleanliness due to coronavirus pandemic is causing a “massive increase” in cases of eczema, as many excessively wash their hands.

He said: “News from ­doctors that this obsession with cleanliness is causing a massive increase in eczema cases.

“That’s not good news. I used to suffer from eczema, and once it became so badly infected I had to be completely mummified and was hospitalised for two weeks.”

The motoring expert referenced his recent coronavirus diagnosis, as he noted it was nothing in comparison with his eczema battle.

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