Jenny Slate on Bringing 'Marcel the Shell' to the Big Screen

More than a decade after actress Jenny Slate’s one-eyed, talking seashell became a YouTube sensation, the beloved character is back, this time on the big screen. Slate joined Rolling Stone on Twitch to discuss Marcel the Shell With Shoes On.

Marcel is voiced by Slate in the Dean Fleischer-Camp directed animation. The movie, which took seven years to make, is based on a short film that Slate and Camp released in 2010. It centers around the one-inch tall creature who gives a look into his small but fascinating world, by ways of a faux documentary. As he tries to find his displaced family, Marcel navigates feelings of grief and loss, but even in these tear-jerking moments, a witty one-liner is not far behind to offer some comic relief. 

“All of his emotions are real, [and] they’re things that I’ve been feeling or felt,” Slate said about her character. “I think a good documentary always shows more of a person who seems in one way or another pretty accessible, but what’s really exciting is to earn that intimacy and learn more about them, and I think that’s what powers the film.”

Watch the full interview below. 

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