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What does it look about a celebrity with diamond face shape that gives them a advantage over the rest. How do they choose the right style of hair. How do you know if it, is, true that diamond faces. A single word answers your question:The Diamond Shape. Everyone else wants a diamond-shaped face shape that most desires by women and that is also in the top-three most desired face shape by men. However, the shape of the face is not just about the face, it is more than just how the face is formed. There are many other things that make up whether or not a person would be a good lover, or boyfriend or wife or spouse, or whatever else, but that will be the focus of another time, and one of them is how they look at the time. One of the most common things I learn in dating is how a person looks at the time. The Diamond face shape is most preferred by the women for a variety of reasons. T have any reason to choose the face shape of a woman more than the other, the women on the other hand have a huge preference for the diamond shaped face shape. For the men, the most common reason for liking a person with the diamond face shape is that it gives a person a slight advantage in sexual encounters with women. In fact, the diamond-shaped men have a greater sex appeal than the square-faced men because the square-faced men have a slight vaguely negative connotation to them, not sure how the hell that happened yet the diamond face shaped men are so desirable that the majority of women prefer them in the bedroom. If you are a male with a diamond-shaped face shape, you will get the womens heart of hearts a lot more because the women want someone who is going to always win their hearts over, without even having to do anything. A diamond-shaped face shape is also more desirable in the bedroom than any other face shape.

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