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Ranking the Celebrity Jehovah Witness Celebrities:It appears JW celebrity are not the only ones on the JW Worship bandwagon. I think its pretty cool that there are so many people in general that are on that bandwagon. I really like that they keep reminding us that we are part of JW family by having celebrities in the news that are part of the JW Worship Family, and sometimes we get to meet them in person too. They keep us on that JW Worship Journey, reminding us that when Jesus returned, He wouldnt just be bringing peace. For the JW Worship Family, we dont just share the common values that God has placed in our hearts and that JW Journeys are about spreading those values. The JW Worship Family shares the same values as the celebrities we are talking about. Our Family is pretty much the same way. That is why it is pretty scary to me to see that this JW Worship is being so exposed to the world. Are we losing our Christian heritage, and our faith. I have a hard time believing that JW Worship is really what God has in mind for his people. Because if it is, we need to come together as Worship Family and save our faith. There are so many things to do in a Worship Journey, but perhaps we should all just follow Gods lead instead of JW Worship. Posted by jehovahs witness at 12:30 PMThis is an article from our partner. At least, those who refuse to bow to their nonsense. The Merry Christmas bumper stickers have been going everywhere and some are even getting taken off cars. Heres a recent one that I saw in Oregon:Merry Christmas to all the Muslim terrorists out there. BecketAdams, DecemThe holiday season has not been as rosy as the anti-Christmas Festival crusaders seem to believe it is. There have been several incidents where those who refuse to participate in the various anti-Christmas Festivals have been attacked or harassed in some way. The latest example came on Saturday when two men in a pickup truck were reportedly fired upon and hit by gunfire in Idaho. One man was critically wounded and the other fled the scene but was found and taken into custody. The gunman, s, fired shots from the truck as they drove along Interstate 84 near Twin Falls, Idaho, the.

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