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Not to mention a Hollywood one who also happened to be a Broadway star. The idea that you might be able to make up for past musical defections by getting a big-name Hollywood one has to be pretty appealing. You are at a loss for how you can possibly persuade someone like that to leave his family, his home and his career in New York City for a new world of musicals. And it is not just the fact that you are up against someone as big as Jeff Daniels. There is also the fact that he is a little out of your league. You have tried to woo a few others in the meantime and they have either said no or been rude about your idea. Someone from the comedy world would not be an easy sell. But then someone like Jim Carrey has been making a comeback of late. But not those he produces now. And you have met with him before, way back in 1997 on a smaller scale. You do not remember anything about that time except that your meeting with him was a really great experience. He was charming and had a good sense of humour. This guy is the epitome of Hollywood: tall, good-looking, has a big smile, a sense of humour, and is willing to work for peanuts. And the thing is, given your past history with Daniels, you think you could sway his heart just by being charming and telling him how much you admire his work. I bet Jim Carrey wants you too, you say. I could always take him up on that offer, Daniels says as his eyes begin to water. He says he is still trying to sort out his own future. He cant make it tonight, you say. That is when you realize you are not the one with the solution right now. You go with DanielsIt does not take you long to figure out that Carrey isnt going to make it. You and Daniels start to discuss your two remaining options. You could tell Daniels that he should just call up the other people on your list and tell them to meet at the Comedy Store as he is going to take a private plane from New York City to L. And then drive back the way he came. The only problem with that plan is that there is still the matter of a private plane and when you call them up to confirm who they have spoken with, the person who was supposed to.

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