Jasmine Pineda Cries, Gushes Over “Creepy Sometimes” Fiance Gino Palazzolo

For viewers, a week went by between when Gino Palazzolo knocked over a chair to when he and Jasmine Pineda reconciled.

For the couple, it was only a matter of hours. A lot changed for them in a very short time.

Before Gino proposed to Jasmine on Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Jasmine gushed about him on camera.

She touched people’s hearts by talking about her love for him … even though she made people laugh by calling him “creepy.”

After Jasmine Pineda was threatened by an anonymous troll who vowed to leak her nudes and ruin her life, she confronted Gino.

She wanted to know if there were any other surprises awaiting her, checked his phone, and confronted him over an apparent lie.

Gino felt overwhelmed and attacked and stormed away from the table, knocking over his chair in the process.

That was all last week. On Sunday’s episode, we caught up with Jasmine, who had not seen Gino for hours.

The conversation had spiraled out of control.

Despite her misgivings about some of his behavior, she decided to go look for him.

Jasmine found Gino and took a seat next to him, and they both braced themselves for a very raw conversation.

Gino expressed to her that he felt like she attacked him again and again over old mistakes that he couldn’t change.

She reminded him that he had also lied to her, and continuing to do so made it harder to move past those mistakes.

The two embraced in a sweet hug, but it was Jasmine’s tearful voiceover, expressed to the confessional camera, that touched viewers the most.

“It’s not that I justify what Gino did,” Jasmine said.

“But he has become my best friend,” she described, “my support system.”

“And I love him from bald head to toe,” Jasmine said. “Just the way he is.”

“Weird, creepy sometimes,” she admitted. “But I also know the sweet, intelligent version of Gino.”

Jasmine declared: “If that is not love, call it whatever … but I’m not giving up on our relationship.”

After some heartfelt apologies, the two exchanged forgiveness and went back to enjoying their time together.

(Jasmine also joked to Gino that he would not want her for an ex, followed by a maniacal laugh)

They had fun … and it was all building up to this moment.

Gino and Jasmine didn’t let a little drizzle stop them.

He dropped to one knee before Jasmine, affirming his love for her.

He pulled out his ring box and proposed.

Jasmine, of course, did not know that Gino paid about as much for the ring as castmate Ben Rathbun paid the car service in the same episode.

But it was a sweet moment nonetheless.

Jasmine said yes, and the two embraced.

There had been strong hints, on the show as well as on social media, that they were together.

The lovey-dovey way that they referred to each other on social media seemed to indicate that they were together, even though they didn’t break their NDA.

And on the show, well, Gino and Jasmine did a lot of confessional interviews while seated side by side.

Jasmine did pick up on the apparent cheapness of the ring.

We are really curious to hear what she will say about Gino looking for such an inexpensive ring, since his quest was all filmed.

Hopefully, Jasmine will touch upon this at the Tell All.

Jasmine and Gino have a lot to iron out about their future (and lest we forget, all of this was filmed more than a year ago).

However, viewers were touched by Jasmine’s comments about Gino, taking to social media to give the couple a tentative endorsement.

They seem like an inescapably toxic couple who will have hard times ahead … but their love is mutual and very genuine.

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