Jared Leto Is 'Ready' to Star in a Rom-Com But Doesn't Think People Will Give Him the Chance

Fans know Jared Leto best for some of his more serious projects. Several people may feel surprised to learn that he was a heartthrob in a teen drama once. Leto even showed his younger co-star how to kiss before filming their scenes.

Leto does not actively try to steer clear of the romance genre. He has mentioned that he would like to be a part of a rom-com if the opportunity arises. However, he does not think others would consider him for lighthearted roles.

Jared Leto has been in multiple popular works

In real life, Leto has a long dating history he could pull inspiration from for his characters. According to PopSugar, he once dated Cameron Diaz in the past. Another previous girlfriend was Scarlett Johansson, but they broke up after a year.

People have seen Leto with other well-known celebrities, and some flames could be rumors. He mentioned that he appreciates all women for “their infinite fascinating features.” Leto tends to keep his romantic life private, but fans know he is not single currently.

At the moment, Leto is dating a Russian model called Valery Kaufman. The two have been together for about seven years. However, they have an on-again, off-again type of relationship.

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