Janu, : Louis Braille became blind after he accidentally stabbed himself …

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You let them stayIf you were one of them, youd be fine with being blinded. However, as a free willed being, and as long as youre living in your mind, you can either force yourself to choose to act on your own free will or you can keep your feelings on your own feeling. You could keep your feelings all together and force yourself to act, and youd be fine, but then youre also forcing yourself to just remain in a state of being a blind person when you couldve been a better person and acted on your feelings. You could force yourself to act and remain in the being blind state as long as you want, and that would be fine to you, but youd be better off being a normal person and letting them act on their own free will. You force yourself to actNot that youre going to be doing that, but youre not going to be forcing yourself to remain in the being blind state when you could act on your own free will. Your heart feels like pounding in your chest, and your heart is fighting harder than the beating of your heart to make you move. You dont know for how long, but your heartbeat is increasing as you force yourself to move. Youve just moved your arm up to your face and the blood is draining out of your nose and out of your head. You slowly open your eyes and look around, and then you look up as if it was something youve been waiting to do all this time. However you look up, and you see a blindfold. You also see a table with a blindfold, a box with candles, and candles. You also see a bunch of other blindfolds. As you watch you notice that every single one of them are wearing masks of some kind, and each one of them is staring straight at you. You continueAs you continue to stare at their stares, one in particular catches your attention the most; its a big, fat red mask with a purple mouth and a black face with a glowing red eye in it, and a straight red nose, and its holding a sword. The sword is drawn and the sword has a silver hilt and a blade made of some kind of metal. As you continue to stare, you can see the sword being held close to the mans face, seemingly just out of reach. The man continues to stare at you, as if not noticing you staring. You have no choice but to acknowledge the existence of this man. You take the swordYou take the sword out of your pocket and force it towards it; you feel it, it.

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