James Martin awkwardly lost for words after discovering co-stars age

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James Martin, 50, was amazed when a fitness expert revealed her age, leaving the ITV chef lost for words. The TV chef was in Santa Monica for an episode of James Martin’s American Adventure, letting fans see him experience the foods of the world.

During the episode, which was repeated last week from his 2018 series, James visited Santa Monica’s iconic beach and also cooked with world-famous chef Wolfgang Puck.

As he visited the beach, James ran into fitness fanatic Wendy Ida who shared her exercise journey.

James said in the voiceover before their meeting: “Now the director said to me ‘get here James about three o’clock, you’ll find a woman on the beach – a very special woman’. So here I am.”

The ITV chef asked Wendy her age, with her replying 65, leading James to quip that she would qualify for a bus pass.

James was left gobsmacked by her youthful appearance and turned to the camera to express the shock on his face.

Fortunately for the presenter, Wendy looked delighted at his shocked reaction and danced before thanking James for his “lovely” compliment.

The fitness expert, who will now be 70, explained that she turned her life around at 43, losing an incredible 80lbs.

She explained that she gained weight after having her two children, with her weight gain leaving her feeling like a “sad soul”.

Wendy told James she believed she was so successful on her fitness journey because of her positive thinking.

She explained: “People ask me all the time ‘Wendy, where do you get your energy from? How do you do what you do every day and get up? I need some of that’.

“I’m like ‘OK, I can give it to you and I’ll show you how to do it’.

“But it really has a lot to do with positive thinking – clean out the negative energy in your closet.”

James keeps himself busy away from his work with ITV with his Cotswolds restaurants.

He recently opened his second restaurant, the Tavern at the Lygon Arms, after the successful opening of his first restaurant, the Broadway hotel.

His later venture focuses on a more laid-back pub style of food, rather than the high-standard dishes at Broadway.

Dishes at Broadway have been raved about, with the menu reading a message from James himself.

It reads: “This is a living, breathing thing – we want to take the guest on a journey with food.”

James reportedly spent months working with the kitchen team to develop a fresh range of “simply finely presented” dishes for his Grill menu.

There’s been a “significant increase in bookings” for the restaurant from people interested in trying Martin’s food, according to Rooms Operations Manager Rosie Wilkins.

She said to Birmingham Mail: “People are coming because they have heard about James Martin plus he is posting on his social media about us all the time.

“The team are now wearing James Martin aprons and have a sense of pride at being part of it with him.”

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