Jake Paul Says He's In Talks With Conor McGregor's Camp, 'I'm Gonna F**k Him Up'

Jake Paul says he’s already reached out to Conor McGregor‘s camp to start negotiating a boxing match with the Irishman … saying, “I’m going in there to f**k Conor McGregor up.”

The 23-year-old called out Conor after destroying Nate Robinson on the Mike Tyson undercard over the weekend — and while many scoffed at Jake’s comments, Paul tells TMZ Sports he’s dead serious.

“My team is talking to his manager but that’s all I’ll say,” Jake said with a smirk.

Then came the smack talk …

“No other fighter with this big of a platform is calling out McGregor. My dogs have more followers than the guy he’s fighting in January.”

That’s not exactly true … Conor’s next opponent is Dustin Poirier, a widely respected UFC fighter with 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

Jake’s dogs, Lil Moo and Thor, have 1.6 million followers.

Jake has 13.9 million.

Paul says it’s not a matter of “if” when it comes to Conor, it’s a matter of “when” — claiming, “It’s gonna be legendary.”

“I’m gonna win, too! That’s what I want people to understand!”

Jake added, “I’m gonna dedicate my life to winning that fight because I’m not going in there just to say I did it — I’m going in there to f**k Conor McGregor up.”

There’s more … Jake also tells us he’s reached out to Nate Robinson after the knockout and hopes to connect with him in the future.

Unclear if they’ll ever be friends, but Jake says he has respect for the ex-NBA star and hopes people stop clowning Nate about the K.O.

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