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A few years ago, as I prepared to move to an apartment complex in the New York City suburbs, I bought a few books on the history of the Holocaust. I was not a typical Holocaust scholar; as a young man, I had spent my summers working in the family peanut and vegetable garden, and I had not been to a concentration camp. A collection of books on the Holocaust that I could not have bought. I wondered what books on the Holocaust there were at my new university. I had heard that there was a Holocaust historian there, and I was hoping to meet him. I had long been a reader of literary history. The books about the Holocaust that I read about the Holocaust were by historians who had done a great deal of research; they had taken time to sift through the pages, to interview the witnesses to the holocaust, and to collect all the books that had been written about the holocaust. I did not want to do that, and I found the scholarship that I read on the Holocaust, from books by established academics as well as by people who had come in at a young age, incredibly boring and even depressing. Then I came across a collection of Holocaust literature. These were small paperback stories, and they were written by people who had come into the holocaust at a relatively young age; they had not been in a concentration camp, but they had been in a small town in the Midwest, and they had not felt themselves to be at the center of the world. Their stories could be told across generations, and I had come to love the stories they told. I wanted to write a book about all the stories I loved, but as I was preparing to do so, I was struck by one story: the story of a young girl who is the only survivor of the family of six who was forced into the gas chambers. This young girl is called Anna Grossman; her older brother, Michael, is killed at the camp; her younger sister, Agnes, is killed later in Auschwitz; her last surviving brother, Leon, is sent to the gassings; and it is after Leon has been killed that his mother is brought to Auschwitz to give birth and then dies. The Holocaust is ultimately the story of a family that faces enormous, unending loss and that eventually dies together: a family in which the mother and father are killed and the infant son is killed. The tragedy of the Holocaust is that the young girl who is the only survivor of the family is the only survivor who is the survivors wife. It is a book that I have written because I am a man and a Jew. It is a book that is in some ways fictional, in that I have not lived it; but it is also a book.

This article about Celebrities born on october 30

celebrities born on october 30