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You see a few others with birthdays around this time. One is Jazz Jackrabbit himself, Ray Winstone. The other is Jason Statham, who was born on the same day as you. Jason, on the other hand, doesnt seem to have a birthday listed for the month of October. Of course, Jason doesnt seem to care about any of this. Hes completely happy to play one of his many roles in a film for you. You also come across a birthdate thats not on any calendar you have or have come across before:Troy Baker, who has never even been to the United States, is born. This makes you wonder what kind of year it is, if its even a year at allYou also get the impression its a good thing there are so few birthdays on this day. This probably means there are so few birthdays in general. Just another day for Baker to wasteYou dont really give a fuck what day it is, all you know is you want to get back to Bakers house. From Bakers house, you manage to find his old car and drive off. Youre a little nervous driving the old car, but Baker assures you this is a good thing. Upon arriving at Bakers house, you find him waiting for you, his arm around you. He looks exactly like he did when you first met him. Im glad youre here, youre the first person to come and talk to me for about a year and a half now. I thought we were supposed to be talking more when I left. Well, that might be why no ones had time to call or text you all month. I know you havent been online for a while, but I think you should start answering your cell phone. I want to know if I really did do enough of a job on it after all this time. Well you can ask now, or at least after you get home, not later. He turns to leave and you begin to stand up. Are you gonna help me find my car. Why dont you get in the car and let me open the back doors for you, okay. You are more afraid for your ass than for his cars. So you acquiesce, grab your bags and enter the car.

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celebrities born on october 30